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May 5-7,2019

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Symposium on Health Care for the Elder is held in Beijing
时间:2016-05-03 19:02:19

On May 3, the 5th China InternationalSenior Services Expo is opened in Beijing, sponsored by China Association ofSocial Welfare and Senior Service, China Social Welfare Foundation and ChineseAssociation of Geriatric Research, and “Symposium on Health Care for the Elder”taken by China TUHSU Healthy Foods Division, COFCO and Sunry Advertising andExhibition Co., Ltd. is held at the same time.

The symposium is hosted by Wensheng Tian, the vicechairman of Chinese Association of Geriatric Research, and Longde Wang.honorary chairman of Chinese Association of Geriatric Research, Shengxue Li, directorof professional working committee on preventive treatment of disease of ChineseAssociation of Geriatric Research, Jianjun Guo, researcher of Sport ScienceInstitute of General Administration of Sport of China, Renaud Pradier, supervisorof international department of French PILEJE Group, Zhiyu Peng, vice presidentof BGI limited liability company, Huilian Zhang, China TUHSU Healthy FoodsDivision, COFCO, Liyong Gu, vice county chief of People’s Government ofShandong Tancheng, etc. are present in the symposium.

Shengxue Li gives a speech titled “Micro ecology and health care”, and explains non-drug theory, analyzes thereasons and relevant solutions of multiple diseases hard to heal through livingexamples. Jianjun Guo explains aged sports nutrition technology and seniorservice industry. He gives an introduction to aged sports nutrition technology.He says that at present, the spectrum of disease of Chinese has been changedgreatly, and the diseases caused by lifestyle have become the major threaten ofaged health. The application of aged sports nutrition guidance technologyappears good prospect.