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Beijing to invest US$29 mln to improve community facilities
时间:2017-04-10 16:27:46

Beijing plans to invest 200 million yuan (US$ 29 million) in the construction and improvement of community facilities including vegetable retail stores and breakfast restaurants.

The municipal government of Beijing initiated a special action of "upgrading through relocation and regulation," which includes dismantling illegal buildings, comprehensive improvement and renovation of old residential communities, to solve practical problems faced by residents.

The vacated spaces after the implementation of the action will not only serve the administration functions of the central government, but also be used to build parks, green lands and public areas aiming to improve the ecological environment and quality of urban life.

Meanwhile, the construction of service facilities for the convenience of residents like, elderly care centers and commercial outlets as well as municipal transportation infrastructure facilities like parking lots will also be enhanced to improve public services.

Statistics from Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce shows that Beijing has built and upgraded 200 commercial outlets including 75 vegetable retail stores in the first quarter of 2017.

At the moment Beijing is studying related policy to invest 200 million yuan in fixed assets to subsidize the construction and upgrading of commercial facilities for the convenience of residents. To be specific, the subsidy granted to each project should be no more than 30 percent of the total investment. In addition, Dongcheng District will also give subsidies to qualified markets.