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Jiangmen Proposed Two Schemes to Protect the Healthy Growth of Children in Difficulties
时间:2019-04-01 09:18:25

Reporters have known from Jiangmen Civil Affairs Bureau that Jiangmen has published Adjustment Scheme on the Increase of Basic Living Allowance of Orphans and HIV Infected Children Issued by Jiangmen Civil Affairs Bureau and Bureau of Finance(hereinrefer to as the Scheme), Implementation Plan on Strengthen the Children Security of Jiangmen(hereinrefer to as the Plan), to protect the healthy growth of Children in difficulities.

Children in difficulties refer to children who are suffering from living, development and security because of themselves and their original families, and need help from government and society, including orphans, self-distressed children, family distressed children, children in safety difficulties and in temporary difficulties.

It is understood that there are 3182 children living in difficulties in Jiangmen, among them more than 2000 self-distressed children, the rest of them are orphans and children living in poor family conditions. Those children in Jiangmen got the care and love from government and society. They grow up happily and healthy in this city. 

The Plan clearly points out a sound security system of basic living, medical security and education for children in difficulties would be established by the end of 2020. The guardianship system and welfare system for children in difficulties will be improved. Living environment for them will be improved to a safety and security. 

“We will guarantee children in difficulties to grow healthily in the following seven aspects, basic living, medical security, education security, guardianship improvement, welfare of the disabled children increase, aid and protection and social service improvement.” said by employee from Jiangmen Civil Affairs Bureau. “Children in difficulties are not a group with a single feature. They can be divided into 5 situations in line with the civil affairs. We should adopt relevant effective measures to various situations.

The Scheme is aiming to continuously raise the basic living security level of orphans and HIV infected children. In the Scheme, the calculating methods of bringing up a kid and its standard in the coming five years will be specified to guarantee the legitimate rights of orphans and HIV infected children. 

In term of basic living security, in addition to the adjustment scheme to orphans and HIV infected children, eligible children in difficulties all also be listed in the basic cost of living allowances, support for people in extreme poverty and temporary aid. The eligible disabled children can claim the living allowance for the poor disabled, caring subsidies for the severely disabled depending the specific circumstances. 

In term of healthy medical security, children in difficulties can enjoy different medical aid policy. According to the relevant documents, Jiangmen will make sustained efforts to the work of “tomorrow plan of the disabled orphans operation and recovery”. The eligible orphans in social welfare institute and in families can enjoy medical treatment, recovery training and health check. 

In the aspect of education security, Jiangmen local government will implement the education funding policy and relevant preferential policy according to the actual conditions. The guardianship improvement will be set depending on the condition of children in difficulties. 

Improving aid protection, increasing the welfare for the disabled children and raising social service will provide better caring and arrangement for the children in difficulties.